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Porsche 944 Performance Ignition Kit NEW!

NEW for the 944!

944NA906 Performance Ignition Upgrade

Why you need this upgrade for your naturally aspirated Porsche 944.

Perma-Tune introduces a performance ignition upgrade tailored for the Porsche 944. While the stock 944 ignition system represents a regression in performance compared to the earlier CDI type ignition systems utilized in the 911, despite the electronic fuel injection (EFI) system controlling the ignition timing map, the ignition itself barely surpasses the effectiveness of a basic breaker points Kettering ignition system. Integrating the Perma-Tune module with the EFI system enhances ignition power, enabling full utilization of the EFI system’s advantages.

Moreover, if you’ve already implemented other performance upgrades to the engine, such as a custom exhaust, cold air intake, or EFI chips, incorporating this ignition upgrade will further unleash the engine’s potential.

Additionally, the 944NA906 serves as a maintenance replacement part for the stock ignition coil, which has become increasingly difficult to source.


Installation is a snap for a do-it-yourselfer.

Installation of the Perma-Tune upgrade can be completed in under an hour using only basic hand tools. No drilling of holes or cutting and splicing of wires is necessary. The 944NA906 kit includes all components required for installation. A predrilled mounting bracket is included, designed to fit the car seamlessly. Stainless steel ties are used to secure the bracket to the engine bay, positioned directly behind the front bumper. The module is then mounted onto the bracket using sheet metal screws. The provided coil replaces the stock coil, and the built-in module wiring harness easily connects to both the coil and the engine bay coil harness wires.

Perma-Tune Ignition Upgrade Kit 944NA906
Perma-Tune Ignition Upgrade Kit 944NA906
Perma-Tune Ignition Upgrade Kit 944NA906