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The original concept for the Perma-Tune ignition system was envisioned by a scientist named Dr. Theodore Sturm, of Newport Beach, California in 1969. The product was widely used as a horse power enhancement in car racing and as a “permanent tune up” (hence the name “Perma-Tune”), for street cars. It was also a dealer installed emissions control part on Ferrari cars entering the USA from 1970 to 1974. Sturm collaborated with his college classmate, Ferdinand Porsche, to create a special ignition system for the Porsche 911, the Perma-Tune ignition module. Nicknamed the “Blue Box” for its blue anodized appearance, the Perma-Tune module was manufactured in California and exported to Germany for installation on the Porsche 911 production line from 1974 through 1977. Subsequently, the Blue Box stayed in production as a spare part for the 911 and as a general purpose engine modification that enabled domestic vehicles to pass California Air Resources Board regulations.

Lonnie Lenarduzzi, a former US Department of Energy contract engineer, acquired Perma-Tune in 1989. Lonnie continues to grow the Perma-Tune product line to include spare parts for many European high performance cars which the company distributes worldwide. Over the ensuing three decades, Lonnie produced new generations of Perma-Tunes keeping its high performance technology ahead of the competition.

Many of the innovations designed into each succeeding generation of Perma-Tune ignition were invented by Lonnie in the course of creating experimental high energy electronics commissioned by government and private research laboratories. Lonnie has published many scientific papers related to the experiments for which he created equipment, and became internationally recognized for his publication in the IEEE Transactions on Plasma Sciences Journal. Lonnie continues to collaborate with US and international research institutions on energy related projects.

Since its establishment in 1969, the Perma-Tune product line continues to be manufactured exclusively in the United States, staying true to its auto racing roots.