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Customer Testimonials

Since the establishment of Perma-Tune in 1969, we have had the opportunity to accumulate the experiences of generations of car enthusiasts and to compile that information into a European car ignition knowledge base. We continue to make this growing body of knowledge freely available on the Perma-Tune web site as we have from its beginning in 1991. Tuners, professional mechanics and customizers of all kinds keep using Perma-Tune products to improve performance, increase efficiency and reduce emissions. Today, Perma-Tune still represents the latest in engine combustion technology repurposed and disguised for use in vintage cars. Here are some of the latest comments from our customers.

Photo of green Porsche 911

Man, what a difference !  Absolutely butter-smooth revs up to 7500 RPM, lots of power, etc.  Super stable idle also.  Seriously, I should have done this eons ago, even before the restoration.  You have a happy customer my friend.

Marc G.

Vastly improved performance.

Mark W.

So far so good and I can’t be happier with the support you have given me!

Bob M.

So I just installed the new ignition system in 1982 911 sc … I just drove home from work … Lonnie … wow … this upgrade really changed the feel of my car .. I love it ..….

Larry T.

Love the tunability and how much more torque the car generates, especially in the middle of the RPM range. Just wanted to let you know what happened with that 82 911sc.


Joe M.
… car starts immediately, the exhaust note suddenly becomes more “bass” and the throttle response was smooth and engine is running strong.  A new life for the 911SC.


Nick L.