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Bespoke Perma-Tune Module Accessories

SC010 Ignition Coil shown with optional bracket

SC010 Ignition Coil
The SC010 coil is period correct looking and universal for all Perma-Tune products from the First Gen on. It is an oil filled coil in order to retain authenticity. The internal design of the coil has been improved to resist heat, vibration and leakage. Special order and industrial grade ignition coils are available. Gen 5 Perma-Tune modules can be customized to accommodate most ignition coils.

SC012 Ignition Coil Assembly
On 911 and 911SC race cars, we recommend that the ignition coil be relocated from the fan shroud to the relay panel next to the Perma-Tune module. The SC012 ignition coil assembly provides the coil, coil mounting bracket and ignition module wiring required to move the ignition coil.

Part Number: 930504
911SC503 single plug pig tail.
911503 Single Plug DIY pig tail

Original look alike harnesses are available for the 3 pin, 6 pin and 8 pin ignition modules and fit all generation Perma-Tune ignition modules.

90502 USB Smart Wire, for use with Gen 5 modules only.
Any Gen 5 Perma-Tune ignition module can be customized for your car using this USB cable. The 90502 Smart Wire automatically installs drivers on your computer for easy communications. Any terminal communications app or program can be used to program the Perma-Tune module, most of them are free. The Smart Wire powers up the ignition module without the module having to be installed on the car and is a handy tool for mechanics and parts managers.

Photo of Smart Cable

90506 Bluetooth Smart Wire, for use with Gen 5 modules only.
A single mechanic can keep track of multiple cars with multiple programs using this part and any tablet or laptop.