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Porsche 993 Engine Electronics NEW!


The Perma-Tune part number 993206 warns the Porsche 993 driver of a catastrophic distributor belt failure. The failure of the secondary distributor head drive belt will result in severe damage to the engine if the car is continued to be driven with a broken belt. The 993206 integrates with the existing engine cooling system fan belt warning system. Once installed, if the distributor belt breaks, the fan belt warning light will illuminate on the car’s dashboard. A Visual inspection of the engine bay will reveal if the reason the dashboard light illuminated is a broken fan belt or broken distributor belt.

Additionally, the 993206 kit offers a valuable feature for engine builders: it remembers the highest RPM the engine reached. This feature can be utilized to document missed downshift damage to the engine, and the recorded data can only be retrieved by the Perma-Tune laboratory.


If you’re feeling up to the challenge of swapping out your engine’s ignition distributor, you’re well on your way to installing a slick warning system yourself. Alternatively, if you prefer to keep the adrenaline rush on the road, a seasoned mechanic can have it installed in no time.

For the hands-on enthusiasts diving into the installation, make sure you’ve got your hands on a Porsche 993 factory engine manual. Remember, there are different engine configurations for the 993, so it’s crucial to have the right instructions tailored to your ride. The installation journey involves some muscle—removing air handling parts, dissecting the distributor cap and rotor, and delicately extracting the distributor from its cozy engine nest. The good news? No wire splicing needed; it’s all plug and play once you’ve got the distributor out.

Now, let’s talk about the heart of the matter—the distributor shaft bearings. If they’re feeling a bit weary, you might need to show them some love with a rebuild. But fear not! Perma-Tune’s got your back. They’ll handle the sensor, magnets, and all the wizardry needed to bring your distributor back to life. Just be sure to reach out to them for the lowdown on packing and shipping before you send off your precious part.

On to the fun part—tools! You’ll want to arm yourself with:

– A trusty medium-sized flat-head screwdriver (for that satisfying metal cover removal)

– Needle-nose pliers to finesse the sensor element into place

– A 10 mm socket with a ¼ inch drive for the relay box cover

– An 8 mm socket with a ¼ inch drive to tackle the ground screw on the spark plug wire holder

– Don’t forget your angle ratchet and a box-end wrench, size 14 mm, for securing the union nut on the sensor element.