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Porsche 912 Engine Electronics NEW!

Engine Electronics for Porsche 912 cars with Type 4 engines.


The 912CA623 package is a dream come true for Porsche 912 enthusiasts looking to overhaul their 12 Volt, carbureted engines’ ignition system. Not only do these components serve as perfect replacements for the original parts, but they also deliver a remarkable performance upgrade.

Underneath the hood, the Type 4 engine in the 912 shares the same underpowered Kettering-type ignition system as its counterparts of that era. However, with the 912CA623 kit, ignition system upgrades breathe new life into your engine, making starting faster and boosting overall performance. What’s more, this kit seamlessly integrates into the engine, preserving its authentic appearance. With the included bracket, installation becomes a breeze, leaving no need for drilling holes, while discreetly concealing the Perma-Tune Cube ignition module forward of the Voltage regulator. Plus, the kit’s wiring harness ensures a plug-and-play installation, eliminating the need for wire splicing or tinkering with the tachometer. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Perma-Tune Type 4 engine 356126 distributor harness maintains the authentic factory look without cutting and splicing wires.

But the beauty of this distributor lies beyond aesthetics—it’s packed with performance-enhancing features. Setting static timing is made simple with the built-in trigger point LED, and preloaded timing curves perfectly align with factory specs. Say goodbye to the old-fashioned distributor vacuum can and hello to a modern Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor, fully programmable for vacuum advance and retard functions. And when it comes to timing adjustments, customize mechanical and vacuum curves effortlessly from your phone—engine locking capabilities are even included! Dive deeper to discover more about the programming system.

This comprehensive kit includes the 356906 Cube ignition module with 912 mounting bracket, SC010 ignition coil, and the 912CA126 ignition distributor. The distributor comes complete with a cap, rotor, and built-in electrical harness, ensuring a trouble-free installation experience.

This kit is also available for Jetronic fuel injected engines. Order the 912KJ623 kit.

912CA623 Ignition System Kit
356623 Kit Distributor
Perma-Tune Model 356906 Ignition Module
356906 Cube Ignition Module

Ignition Distributor for 912 Carbureted Type 4 engines, 6 Volt and 12 Volt systems.

The 356126 distributor stands alone, bypassing the need for an ignition module. Its installation is a breeze, requiring only minutes and utilizing the same coil connections as the stock coil. Meticulously crafted, the Perma-Tune 356126 distributor harness preserves the authentic factory appearance cherished by Porsche 912 enthusiasts.

Yet, its allure extends far beyond aesthetics—this distributor boasts an array of performance-enhancing features. Setting static timing becomes effortless with the integrated trigger point LED, while preloaded timing curves seamlessly align with factory specifications. Say farewell to the traditional distributor vacuum canister and embrace a modern Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor, fully customizable for vacuum, boost, advance, and retard functions. With the convenience of adjusting timing curves via your smartphone, including engine locking capabilities, enthusiasts can fine-tune mechanical, vacuum, and boost parameters effortlessly. Dive deeper into the programming system to unveil its full potential.

The 356126 Distributor includes a Perma-Tune SC010 coil for added convenience.


912126 Ignition Distributor for Jetronic Fuel Injected, Type 4 engines with 12 Volt systems.

The 912126 distributor stands alone, eliminating the need for an ignition module. Its installation is straightforward, taking only minutes and utilizing the same coil connections as the stock coil. The traditional Jetronic mechanical distributor points are replaced with digital electronics for enhanced reliability and performance. Crafted with precision, the Perma-Tune 912126 distributor harness maintains the cherished authentic factory appearance adored by Porsche 912 enthusiasts without cutting and spicing wires.

However, its appeal goes beyond aesthetics—this distributor boasts a range of performance-enhancing features. Setting static timing is effortless thanks to the integrated trigger point LED, while preloaded timing curves seamlessly match factory specifications. Bid farewell to the conventional distributor vacuum canister and welcome a modern Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor, fully customizable for vacuum, boost, advance, and retard functions. With the convenience of adjusting timing curves via your smartphone, including engine locking capabilities, enthusiasts can effortlessly fine-tune mechanical, vacuum, and boost parameters. Delve deeper into the programming system to unleash its full potential.

The 912126 Distributor comes with a Perma-Tune SC010 coil for added convenience.

356126 Distributor for 6 or 12 Volt systems
912126 Ignition Distributor with Jetronic signal output and coil

T4SY126 Synchronization Distributor for Type 1 and Type 4 engines.

For Porsche enthusiasts who prefer to stray from stock configurations, Perma-Tune offers a synchronization (Sync) distributor compatible with any modern electronic fuel injection (EFI) system. The T4SY126 Sync distributor supplies modern EFI systems with precise crankshaft and camshaft position signals, eliminating the need to remove the engine from the vehicle to install engine crankshaft and camshaft sensors. Say goodbye to concerns about accuracy issues stemming from wobbling crankshaft sensor wheels. With both crankshaft and camshaft position signals available to the EFI, individual cylinder control becomes achievable. The T4SY126 can be utilized for coil-on-plug ignition or distributed ignition using a coil, cap, rotor, and spark plug wires.

T4SY126 Synchronization Distributor with dust cover, cap and rotor.

SC010 “Black” Ignition Coil

The Perma-Tune Black Ignition Coil is designed to complement all Perma-Tune modules, ensuring peak performance and durability for your ignition system. With its period-correct appearance featuring a brown top and black body, it seamlessly integrates with all Porsche engines from the 356 to the 930, securely fitting onto the original mounting bracket and wiring harness.

Engineered to withstand the demands of vintage car engines, this ignition coil boasts exceptional ruggedness, capable of enduring heat and vibration with ease. Double seals ensure that the dielectric oil remains securely contained within the coil, preventing any leaks. Additionally, the reinforced high-voltage tower resists arcing while still accommodating the original spark plug wire boot. Internally, the coil is engineered to resist deterioration, promising a long service life.

As a crucial element of the ignition system, the ignition coil functions as a transformer, effectively amplifying the input voltage. With the high-performance Perma-Tune coil, an input voltage of 400 Volts from a Perma-Tune module yields an impressive output of 40,000 Volts.

When replacing a failed Bosch ignition module with a Perma-Tune module, it’s highly recommended to replace the coil simultaneously. Over time, coils commonly degrade, increasing the risk of internal short circuits. This deterioration can lead to the diversion of high-voltage power intended for the spark plugs back to the low-voltage section of the coil, potentially damaging the ignition module.

Based on over 50 years of Porsche experience, we’ve observed that ignition module failures are often caused by defective coils that short circuit internally. Simply replacing the module without also replacing the coil can result in damage to the new module.

For optimal compatibility and performance, it’s recommended to use the Perma-Tune coil exclusively with the Perma-Tune module, avoiding mixing with other brands of ignition modules. Trust in Perma-Tune for reliable ignition solutions tailored to your Porsche’s needs.

SC010 Ignition Coil shown with optional bracket

Engine Tuning with the Perma-Tune Distributor App

Maximize the performance of your Porsche with the TUNE+ app, right from your smartphone! Simply download the free app, connect it to your Perma-Tune distributor via Bluetooth, and you’re ready to go. With TUNE+, you can effortlessly read and store ignition curves, customize them to your liking, and even share them with fellow enthusiasts. Enjoy peace of mind when parking your Porsche, knowing it’s protected against unauthorized use with the ignition lock feature. Only your personal phone can unlock the engine.

But wait, there’s more! With the TUNE+ app, engine tuning becomes a dynamic experience. Create and load engine programs with ease, building your own library for different driving scenarios. Craft a smooth, beginner-friendly tune for everyday use, a high-performance setup for your own thrill-seeking drives, or a valet mode for parking attendants.

This is where the real fun starts:

Take advantage of the open road to fine-tune your engine and iron out any kinks. With the TUNE+ app’s tuning feature, you can adjust timing maps on the fly while your engine is under load.

Prepare for track days like a pro by designing racing fuel maps tailored to your engine’s needs. Drive to the track on regular pump gas, then switch to a race-ready program and fill up with high-performance fuel for optimal track performance.

And don’t forget about engine upgrades – whether it’s headers, intake enhancements, or other modifications, TUNE+ lets you create custom ignition maps perfectly suited to your Porsche’s specifications. With TUNE+, the possibilities are limitless for unlocking the true potential of your car’s performance.

App Running Gauges
Saved Programs
Tuning Screen
Immobilizer and Options
MAP Curve (Turbo shown)
Mechanical Curve and Static Setting