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Porsche 911SC Ignition Components

Ignition Module

The model 911SC903 Perma-Tune ignition module is the fifth generation follow up to the original “blue box” of the Porsche 911. It is a direct bolt up, plug in replacement part that fits all Porsche 911SC cars. This part requires no modifications to the car, no holes to drill, no wires to splice.

Although this ignition module looks virtually identical to the original vintage part, it houses the latest ignition technology. Engine performance is enhanced by multiple spark operation and provides fire power sufficient for even the most radically turbo charged engine. RPM limit, advance timing curve and many other features can be programmed using a computer, tablet or smart phone. The 911SC903 comes preprogrammed for the Porsche 911SC so programming changes are optional. Refer to the USB/Bluetooth section of this web site for more information about your programming options.

The Gen 5 Perma-Tune makes diagnostics easier by providing onboard diagnostics and runs diagnoses programs automatically that are displayed by two colored LED function lights. These LED lights assist in diagnosing both the vehicle and the ignition module. There are three self-resetting fuses that assist in troubleshooting while protecting your Perma-Tune from damage. These features are hidden underneath the ignition module and are only viewable when needed so they do not spoil the original look of the part. Refer to the Diagnostics section of this web site for more information about the diagnostics system.


Ignition Coil

The model SC010 Ignition Coil is specifically designed to maximize the performance of your 911SC903 Perma-Tune ignition module. It has the period correct look for the Porsche 911sc with a brown top and black body and will fit the original mounting bracket and wiring harness of the car. To purchase the coil with the mounting bracket order part number SC011, to purchase the coil without the mounting bracket order part number SC010.

The SC010 ignition coil is very rugged and can resist the heat and vibration that it will encounter on a vintage car engine. Triple seals insure that the dielectric oil inside the coil will not leak out. The high Voltage tower is extra thick to resist arcing and will still fit the original spark plug wire boot. The internal components of the coil are designed to resist vibration for long life.

Programming Options for your Perma-Tune Ignition Module


The Bluetooth Smart Wire and USB Smart Wire are two different ways to program the Perma-Tune Ignition module. The USB Smart Wire is used to configure and program the ignition module on the work bench and will power up the ignition module automatically. The Bluetooth Smart Wire is installed permanently on the engine with the ignition module and is used to fine tune the engine for various track conditions.


The 90502 USB Smart Wire allows you to customize your Perma-Tune Ignition module program. It plugs into the USB port of a computer and then installs itself automatically. It also powers up the module for programming  with a single plug without having to connect anything else to the module. The programming software is downloaded from the internet, free, so the module settings can then be changed, saved and organized as text files.


The 90506 Bluetooth Smart Wire performs the same function of reading and programming the  USB Smart Wire but uses wireless technology. The Bluetooth Smart Wire is plugged into the ignition when it is installed in the car and left in place. Programs can be changed in the hot pits without the driver having to exit the car and can be accessed by a mechanic up to 300 feet away. Over time a library of programs can be accumulated that optimize engine performance for different race tracks and driving conditions. Drivers can easily change shift light and maximum RPM settings. Mechanics can keep detailed records for even a large stable of race cars with their cell phones.


For aesthetic appeal, the cable that connects the ignition module to the Smart Wire antenna is hidden inside an old school ground wire braid. The end of the wire that has the antenna in it is placed near a window or where it cannot be seen. Once installed, the Smart Wire appears to be the ground wire for the ignition module.


No one can access the program without having the ignition key to the car. Each Smart Wire has a unique MAC identifier and pass word and is paired like any other Bluetooth device. A single smart phone or tablet can keep track of and program any number of  Smart Wire equipped cars.


Model 911SC903 Ignition Module

SC010 Ignition Coil with Bracket

90502 USB Smart Wire

90506 Bluetooth Smart Wire