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Porsche 911SC Perma-Tune Bespoke Ignition Components

Ignition Module

This is the sixth generation Perma-Tune for the Porsche 911SC 3.0L engine. The six pin ignition module is used on many other Porsche cars like the 930 3.3 L Turbo and some exotic factory race cars of the era.  

This ignition module is a direct bolt up, plug in replacement part requiring no modifications to the car, including using the original copper core spark plug wires. Although this ignition module looks virtually identical to the Bosch part, it houses the latest ignition technology. Multiple spark operation provides easy starts and there is plenty of fire power to light off even the most radical race car engine.

Take your pick: Basic or Premium.

The Gen 6 Perma-Tune for the 911SC comes in two models: the Model 911SC906 Premium ignition module and the 911SC706 Basic ignition module. The Basic model is just that, basic: it performs only the same functions as the analog modules did back in the day. For the average street car, this may be all that is desired and of course is more affordable than the Premium model. It is however still a high performance part and is perfect for racing venues that do not allow programmable digital ignition systems. The Basic model has a smooth, more original looking housing than the Gen 5 cast housing. 

The Premium ignition module features a smooth, matt finish that mimics the patina of the original aluminum die cast part. The Gen 6 Premium Perma-Tune makes diagnostics easier by providing onboard diagnostics that are automatically displayed by two colored LED function lights. These LED lights assist in diagnosing both the vehicle and the ignition module. The blue LED is a power indicator that help diagnose power problems in the vehilce. The red LED is a strobe light that flashes each time the coils fires in the same manner as a timing light. This LED is especially useful for detecting intermittent engine misfire caused by wiring or distributor problems. The LED function lights are mounted in the harness electrical connector and can be viewed using a mirror when the module is powered up. There are three self-resetting overload protectors that assist in troubleshooting while protecting your car wiring and Perma-Tune from damage. The overload protectors are hidden behind the connector.

Bespoke Ignition Distributors

Distributors wear out and rob your engine of the horsepower it was intended to produce. Worse yet, they can leave you stranded or even damage the crankshaft ring gear. Forget about rebuilding an outdated distributor with hard to find parts when you can replace it with modern technology that looks original. Replacing that worn out distributor has never been easier with the Perma-Tune Bespoke distributor, Part Number 911SC126, for the 911SC 3.0L engine and other engines like the Porsche Turbo 930 that use the six pin ignition module. There are no wires to cut and splice: the distributor has the electrical harness built in and features the original equipment compatible connectors for a plug and play installation. Simply unplug the car harness connector from the ignition module and plug it into the matching connector of the 911SC126 distributor harness. Then plug the distributor harness connector into the Perma-Tune module and done! There is no way to make a mistake with this installation, the connectors will only plug in the right way. The harness connector has built in diagnostics lights that tell you when the ignition system has power and when the ignition module is making sparks. The blue connector LED is a power indicator and the red connector LED is a strobe light that flashes each time the ignition system makes a spark, just like a timing light.

The Perma-Tune 911SC126 distributor harness is made using the same vinyl sleeve loom construction as the original wiring for that factory original look. It is very common on the Porsche 911SC cars to develop engine misfire problems due to the brittle and deteriorating green shielded wire between the ignition distributor and module. The defective wiring is replaced at the same time the new distributor is installed which cures two ills at once.

The Perma-Tune Bespoke Porsche 911SC126 distributor is an exact fit replacement part that will drop right into the engine. Setting the static timing is easy with the built in trigger point LED that lets you know when the rotor is pointing in the right direction. Idle timing is set in exactly the same way as the factory manual indicates and the factory mechanical and vacuum curves are preprogrammed into the distributor. The mechanical vacuum can is replaced with a reliable MAP sensor that is fully programmable to perform advance, retard, vacuum and boost functions. On Turbo cars the vacuum/boost timing control pot is very prone to leaks and the vacuum switches and manifold boost valves connected to the can are failure prone as well. When these parts fail, engine performance deteriorates, and fuel is wasted. These parts are bypassed by connecting the manifold hose directly to the MAP sensor of the 911SC126 distributor. It just doesn’t get any easier than this.

Emissions Statement: Pending CARB approval, the 911sc126 is for off road use only in California and in States that have adopted California emissions standards.

This is where the fun starts:

Street tune your car for maximum performance using your smart phone! Download the free TUNE + app to your phone and connect it to the Perma-Tune distributor via Bluetooth. Using the TUNE + app, you can read and store the ignition curves, modify them and share them with others. The app even has an ignition lock feature that prevents unauthorized use of the car. Do more than just a onetime engine tuning. Engine programs are so easy to create and load into the car that you can make your own library of programs for different uses. For instance, you could create a detuned engine program for a novice driver, a super tune program for yourself or a valet tune program for the parking attendant. Get the most from engine upgrades like headers, intake, and many other engine modifications by creating custom ignition maps. The possibilities are endless.

Ignition Coil

The Perma-Tune Black Ignition Coil is specifically designed to operate with all Perma-Tune modules to maximize the performance and service life of your Perma-Tune ignition module. It has the period correct look for the Porsche 911SC with a brown top and black body and will fit the original mounting bracket and wiring harness of the car. To purchase the coil with the mounting bracket order part number SC011, to purchase the coil without the mounting bracket order part number SC010.

The Black ignition coil is very rugged and can resist the heat and vibration that it will encounter on a vintage car engine. Triple seals insure that the dielectric oil inside the coil will not leak out. The high Voltage tower is extra thick to resist arcing and will still fit the original spark plug wire boot. The internal components of the coil are designed to resist deterioration to provide a long life.

An ignition coil is a kind of transformer that increases the Voltage applied to it, usually by a factor of about 100 times. Put 100 Volts in and 10,000 Volts comes out. In the case of the Perma-Tune, being a high performance part, 400 Volts goes in and 40,000 Volts comes out. When replacing a failed Bosch ignition module with a Perma-Tune module, it is highly recommended that the coil be replaced at the same time. The reason for this is that it is very common for a coil to deteriorate over time. This deterioration can cause an internal short circuit resulting in the high Voltage power (up to 40,000 Volts) that should go to the spark plugs to instead short back through the deteriorated insulation to the low Voltage part of the coil that is connected to the module resulting in damage to the ignition module. Coil specifications are matched to the ignition module that will be operating the coil. For this reason we recommend using only the Perma-Tune coil with the Perma-Tune module and not with any other brand of ignition module.

Wiring Harness Done Right

Perma-Tune supports your restoration project with more than just the major ignition components, we make electrical harness parts associated with those components as well. Our engineers 3D print connectors that are no longer available for the six pin ignition modules. The individual component parts are available or we can make a harness to your specifications. This is especially useful for twin plug conversions to make the engine bay wiring look like a factory installation. Order the 911SC503 Single Plug pig tail and build the harness yourself. Order the 911SC505 Twin Plug harness, cut the wires to the desired length and make the terminations yourself.

-These parts are designed for the following: 1978 Porsche 911SC 3.0 liter, 1979 Porsche 911SC 3.0 liter, 1980 Porsche 911SC 3.0 liter, 1981 Porsche 911SC 3.0 liter, 1982 Porsche 911SC 3.0 liter, 1983 Porsche 911SC 3.0 liter. 

-These parts are designed for the Porsche 911SC but will work on any engine that uses the six pin ignition module system.

-We do have specific parts and kits available for Porsche 930 911 Turbo, refer to the Porsche 930 Turbo portion of this web site. 

Photo of 911sc906 Basic Ignition Module
911SC706 Basic ignition module.
911SC906 Premium ignition module
911SC906 Blue status LED and red strobe LED
911SC126 Distributor with harness
Blue power LED and Red strobe LED
Photo of i911125CIS distributor with light on
Original looking finish, Bluetooth programming
Photo of 911903 distributor and ignition module kit
Assembly for 911SC and 930.
Photo of 911903 wiring connectors
Plug and play connectors.
911SC503 single plug pig tail.
SC010 Ignition Coil shown with optional bracket