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Lamborghini Countach Perma-Tune Bespoke Ignition Module

This is an exchange program for vintage Lamborghini cars. It swaps out the original ignition system, part number AEC104B ignition module and the BAE202B ignition coil that are no longer available. In order to retain concourse points, the original shell and hardware are used in the construction using state-of-the-art electronics to replace the original internal electronic components. The Perma-Tune 104B is CNC machined and then hand assembled by a master technician so that every part in the unit is original to the car.

The -7800 designation is unique to the Countach and indicates the RPM limiter is set to 7,800 RPM, 1,200 RPM higher than the Ferrari version of the AEC104B ignition module. It is equipped with special components that allow the very high spark rate required for the Countach engine without sacrificing performance.

Engine performance is enhanced by multiple spark operation and provides fire power sufficient for even the most radically turbo charged engine. RPM limit, advance timing curve and many other features can be programmed using a computer, tablet or smart phone. The AEC104B-7800 comes preprogrammed for the Countach cylinder so programming changes are optional. Use the Perma-Tune Smart Wire for USB or Bluetooth to enable program changes.

The Gen 5 Perma-Tune makes diagnostics easier by providing onboard diagnostics and runs diagnoses programs automatically that are displayed by two colored LED function lights. These LED lights assist in diagnosing both the vehicle and the ignition module. There are three self-resetting fuses that assist in troubleshooting while protecting your Perma-Tune from damage. These features are hidden underneath the ignition module and are only viewable when needed so they do not spoil the original look of the part. Refer to the Diagnostics section of this web site for more information about the diagnostics system.

Note: Core exchange parts are available if you do not have the original ignition module core. In order to keep the engine compartment patina correct, remove and save the two top modules and exchange only the bottom half of the module.


The BAE202B ignition coil from Perma-Tune is a replica three terminal coil that is designed to work with the original ignition module or the Perma-Tune high performance ignition module. It retains the original electrical connectors while converting the engine from inductive ignition to high performance discharge ignition wiring without cutting or spicing wires.

The BAE202B ignition coil is very rugged and can resist the heat and vibration that it will encounter on a vintage car engine. Triple seals insure that the dielectric oil inside the coil will not leak out. The high Voltage tower is extra thick to resist arcing and will still fit the original spark plug wire boot. The internal components of the coil are designed to resist vibration for long life.



Model: AEC104B-7800

BAE202B Three Terminal Ignition Coil.