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Jaguar E Type Perma-Tune Ignition Module

These are the first of a brand new Jaguar product line for Perma-Tune. We have created ignition systems especially for Vintage Jaguar cars using the very latest electronics technology to produce a state of the art electronic ignition module that is period correct looking. Made to look like an old school electrical relay, it blends right into the engine bay without looking out of place.
The JE6906 Model is tailored for the six cylinder cars. The JE12906 has special components and programming that are required for the 12 cylinder cars.

Plug and play features eliminate the need for wire crimps and complicated wiring diagrams. Wires are cut and stripped, then inserted into the wire bus for a secure, plug in connection without the need for special tools or wire crimps.

Simple, four wire installation. There is no need to interpret complicated wiring diagrams, the terminals are clearly marked so you know exactly where each wire goes.

Installation is easy. There are no dials to turn, no switches to set and no chips to plug in. The JE6906 comes pre programmed and ready to install on a six cylinder car. The JE12906 comes equipped and pre programmed and ready to install on a twelve cylinder car. You can always customize the module later using your wireless device to make secure, reliable configuration changes through the built in Bluetooth connection. You can program in the advance curve so that the distributor mechanical advance mechanism can be locked and add multiple strike ignition to aid starting or increase the power output to reduce spark plug fouling. All using free software downloaded from the internet. Don’t want to do any programming? No problem. Programming services are available by sending your Perma-Tune to the factory or have the program customized for you remotely by a factory technician using your computer.

The Perma-Tune ignition module features on board diagnostics to help you install the module. The built in strobe light can help you check your ignition timing. It also has self resetting overload protection so there are no fuses to replace.

Use any kind of distributor you have. The Points distributor connection will work with breaker points or any aftermarket distributor. Lucas electronic distributor converters are available.

The tachometer output connection is universal and will work with the stock tachometer or aftermarket electronic tachometer, shift light and RPM switch.

Power connects to 12 Volt or 8 Volt systems. Six Volt converters are available. No Positive ground systems are available.

Models JE6906 and JE12906 Ignition Modules