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Generation 5 Ignition Module

Gen 5  2012 thru 2021

The Gen 5 Perma-Tune was a complete departure from previous generations in both design and theory of operation. This is a fully digital design utilizing advanced surface mount components, embedded systems, hi reliability processors and wireless technology. The theory of operation changed from a capacitive discharge system to a nanosecond discharge system.

The Gen 5 is a direct plug and play installation, is acceptable in most concourse judging. The housing is an aluminum casting made to look like the factory Porsche ignition module of the 1980s. This is the same ignition module housing used by many other car makers at the time, Perma-Tune has replicated them all.

Modern communications features are hidden under the aluminum housing.
To keep the Perma-Tune looking exactly original to the car, the digital electronics features are hidden on the underside of the part. The operating instructions are printed right on the ID plate making it easy to use. The Gen 5 are equipped with a communications port for diagnostics and for customizing the operating program. Most of them also have diagnostic LEDs to help mechanics check the ignition functions of the car without the need for special diagnostics tools. Sensors are able to signal if there are conditions in the vehicle that can lead to a breakdown in the near future. The underside of the part is permanently sealed against vibration, heat, oil and water with a thick polymer coating. The housing is corrosion resistant and all hardware used in the construction of the Gen 5 is stainless steel.

The 911903 three pin is the replacement for the original Blue Box used on the six cylinder Porsche 911.

The 911SC903 six pin ignition module is used on all Porsche 911SC cars and on some US specification Porsche 930 Turbo cars. This part was also used when converting the earlier 911 car to the larger 911SC engine.

The associated PDF file included here has the pin out connection diagram, schematics and distributor connection information for a variety of twin plug distributors. Period correct looking wiring harness and hardware are available for twin plug conversions. Gen 5 Perma-Tunes can be customized for twin plug conversions.

The 930903 eight pin ignition module is used on European specification Porsche 930 Turbo cars. It is also used on many other European performance cars and dedicated track cars. The 911SC style housing with the 8 pin connector is available as a new replacement part with no core required. The 930 style housing with the 8 pin connector is a core exchange part. Original look alike cores are available.