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Generation 4 Ignition Module

Gen 4 2004 thru 2012

The Gen 4 Perma-Tune was a hybrid surface mount and through hole technology design. It still used an analog power system and used both digital technology and surface mount manufacturing techniques. At the time, surface mount power technology was not fully developed so the power section of the design was still through hole transistor technology. New technology allowed for the Gen 4 design to provide a much shorter duration capacitive discharge output. It was still + 400 Volts output but the wave form of the output was different from the Gen 3.

The finned housing was replaced with a smooth housing since heat dissipation was no longer an issue. Several different connectors were fitted to the flying lead to accommodate different cars.

Gen 4 with Flying Lead Connector

The flying leads were available in 3 pin, 6 pin Porsche 911SC, 6 pin universal and 8 pin connectors.