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Generation 2 Ignition Module

Gen 2 – 1972 thru 1989

The Gen 2 Perma-Tune is the Blue Box of Porsche 911 fame. This design was a collaboration between the original inventor, Theodore Sturm and Ferdinand Porsche. Porsche was most interested in the permanent tune up properties of the original ignition design for the six cylinder 911 car that would follow the success of the four cylinder 911 cars.

The Gen 2 Perma-Tune was created as a mass production friendly version of the First Generation. It featured a single capacitive discharge of – 400 Volts and a more modern electrical connector. The small round terminal connectors were changed to a robust and water resistant 3 terminal connector. The blue color of the First Gen Perma-Tune was carried over to the Second Generation.

The Gen 2 Perma-Tune production output at the Newport Beach, California factory was split between America and the Porsche factory in Germany. The Blue Boxes made for the US had the silver Perma-Tune name plate and were usually sold with the accompanying ignition coil and harness. The Blue Boxes made for the 911 had a yellow sticker on the top and a silver sticker on the opposite end of the connector.